Xénosatanism is an on the making ideology (we’re beginning to crafting it) that aims to change many of the present social institutions, conventions, and paradigms (it’s political for these reasons) in a way that would be considered radical, or even apocalyptical, to the average person. Xénosatanism originated on Tumblr in November of 2021.

Here are some generic clues about how xénosatanism looks like (non exhaustive list)

  • Pro transabled, xenogender, transpiecies/alterhumans, transnoso, map, zoophiles/bestialitors, transage etc, rights

  • Full legalization and normalisation of any kind of body modifications (and every person should be informed of the potential consequences or risk of every mod)

  • Pro transhumanism

  • A total desacralisation and destigmatisation of sex, sexualisation and nudity

  • Unsegregated pornography and other 'obscene’ materials (should be accessible everywhere to everyone)

  • Public sex, nudity, and pornography legalized and socially encouraged

  • Youth liberation, anti-adultism

  • Anti-ageism

  • Abolition of the age of consent

  • Abolition of the age of majority

  • Full legalisation of both real and fictional cp

  • Full legalization of sex work (even, to some extent and under certain conditions, for minors of all ages)

  • Incest legalized, banalised, and socially encouraged

  • Legalization and social banalisation (perception) of bestiality

  • Depathologisation and social banalisation (perception) of kinks and paraphilias

  • Destigmatization of self harm (people should be free to engage in self harm as long as they want it, and if it's not too dangerous)

  • Destigmatization and desacralization to some extent of rape, molestation, sexual abuse (bcs of a priori and retrospective harm induced by internalized social norms. Tho, we don’t want harmful rape to be fully legal)

  • depending on the case, non-consensual but harmless sexual interaction should be legal, and not stigmatized

  • Anti-psychiatry

  • Anti-maladism (we’re currently crafting this concept)

  • Anti-sanism

  • Moderate to high anti-suicidism (suicidism is the oppression of suicidal individuals)

  • Pro euthanasia, assisted suicide, and non conventional ways for suicide (for people with a long and persistent desire to die)

  • Drugs liberation

  • Legalisation n social banalisation of cannibalism and commercialisation of human flesh

  • Drastic renewal of the organization of the public space (and we also plead for urban cyberpunk aesthetics)

  • Drastic school reforms

  • Depathologisation of queer behaviors

  • Pro surrogacy

  • Prolonged delay for abortion (how far, yet to be determined)

  • Extended free speech (how far yet to be determined. We would like complete free speech but it could be very counterproductive to our own goals)

  • Pro hunting

  • Political bisexualism

  • Deconstructionism (not to be confused with Derrida’s decontruction) as a tool to breakdown and analyse social constructs, system of belief of whatever kind, should be widely used in society

  • Nihilism (separating value jugements and other subjective mental constructs from facts), and relativism (hierarchisation of facts is arbitrary, thus it’s invented and not inherent to facts), and more globally anti-realist stances, should be widespread positions in society

"MOGAI has nothing to do with attraction to children and pedophilia is 'discriminated' against for legitimate reasons"

No. pedophilia is stigmatized for false beliefs rooted in western ageism and sexual puritanism heritated from religion. You have a very white view of the topic.
MOGAI is queer and queer means “everything that is at odds with the normal, the legitimate and the dominant” - Saint Foucault Towards a Gay Hagiography. Therfore MAPs are queer.
ALSO before the lgbt movement tourned out to an assimilationist trash there was a LGBT-MAP unity

"Children cannot consent, period."

The period is why you're wrong. If children cannot consent, why they are able to consent with their peers? If they can’t consent they couldn’t be able to consent with their peers. So children can consent in reality (with peers/adults/youngers).
Also when a baby sucks their mama’s tits they consent (to suck it) even if.. well, they are a baby.
Children consent for a lot of physical stimulis every day like kisses, cuddlings, sport activities, massages, etc. whether it comes from adults or not. But in your logic they wouldn't be able to consent for these things which is factually false
You just have a selective application of "consent". You apply it precisely on sexual topics because you reject the association of children with sexuality.
In short, children have a sexuality, whether you dislike it or not 🐶🐶🐶🐶 wof wof wolfian 🦍

"MOGAI has nothing to do with attraction to children and pedophilia is 'discriminated' against for legitimate reasons"

"MOGAI has nothing to do with attraction to children and pedophilia is 'discriminated' against for legitimate reasons"


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